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  • Byzantine Music
    • Studies in Scientific Magazines

      1. Cypriot Studies, volume 66, 2002, oblation to Georgios K. Ioannides, Nicosia Cyprus 2004. 'The intervals in Diatonic issue in the art of chanting – Two Cypriot theoretic'.
    • Studies in Magazines

      1. On the modification of the initial base of the melody.
    • Speeches

      1. Tribute for Stylianos Chourmouzios. 27th of February 2008. Municipality Theatre of Nicosia. Topic: 'Life and work of Stylianos Chourmouzios'.
  • Western Music
  • Theologicals
    • Studies in Scientific Magazines

      1. Pastoral School 'Apostle Barnabas', Call of the God, Anniversary edition for the completion of 50 years since the establishment of the Pastoral School 'Apostle Barnabas', Nicosia 2003. 'The dreams according to St. John of Sinai and Carl Goustav Jung, A theological - psychological approach of the issue'.
      2. Magazine 'Apostle Barnabas', June 2005 edition. 'Apostle Barnabas and the Church of Cyprus'.
      3. Magazine 'Apostle Barnabas', February and March 2006 editions. 'Homosexuality in the epistles of Apostle Paul'.
      4. Anniversary of Cypriot Company of Historic Studies, Volume 7, Nicosia 2005. 'The participation of people in the election of Bishops according to the Bill of rights of Cyprus'.
      5. Anniversary of Cypriot Company of Historic Studies, Volume 8, Nicosia 2008. 'The independency of the Church of Cyprus. Normal consolidation and historical evolution'.
      6. 8th Anniversary of Study Centre of Kykkos Holy Monastery, Nicosia 2008. 'Chanting based on two scripts of Great Basil and Theodore of Stouditis'.
    • Studies in Magazines

      1. 'ΝεωνΣκόπηση' Magazine, 4th year, 21st edition, July – September 2008. 'Peace in our interpersonal relationships: Part A'.
      2. 'ΝεωνΣκόπηση' Magazine, 4th year, 22nd edition, October – December 2008. 'Peace in our interpersonal relationships: Part B'.
      3. 'Ενατενίσεις' Magazine, 6th edition, September – December, 2008. 'Peace in our interpersonal relationships'.
      4. 'Ενατενίσεις' Magazine, 7th edition, January – April, 2009. 'Melchizedek and the sacrament of Jesus Christ's ordination'.
      5. 'Ενατενίσεις' Magazine, 9th edition, September – December, 2009. 'The two canons of Christmas'.
      6. 'Ενατενίσεις' Magazine, 13th edition, January – April, 2011. 'Romanos the Melodist- The Kontakion'.
      7. 'Ενατενίσεις' Magazine, 14th edition, May – August, 2011. 'Apostles Barnabas and Paul in Cyprus'.
      8. 'Ο Λόγος Ραδιοτηλεόραση' Magazine, 7th edition, 1993. 'History of Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music'.
      9. 'Ο Λόγος Ραδιοτηλεόραση' Magazine, 11th edition. 'The Annunciation to the Virgin Mary'.
      10. 'Ο Λόγος Ραδιοτηλεόραση' Magazine, 12th edition. 'Saint John of Klimakos'. 'The great conductors of our Orthodox Church'.
      11. 'Ο Λόγος Ραδιοτηλεόραση' Magazine, 17th edition. 'Around the Holy Spirit'.
      12. 'Ανθολόγιο 83' Magazine, Strovolos B Gymnasium, 1982-83. 'Alexandros Papadiamantis'.
      13. 'Ορθόδοξη Μαρτυρία' Magazine, 8th edition, 1983. 'Alexandros Papadiamantis'.
      14. 'Ορθόδοξη Μαρτυρία' Magazine, 94th edition, 2011. 'Angel appearances in the four Gospels'.
      15. 'Ορθόδοξη Μαρτυρία' Magazine, 95th edition, 2011. 'Peace according to the Bible'.
      16. 'Ορθόδοξη Μαρτυρία' Magazine, 97th edition, 2012. 'The personality of Apostle Thomas'.
      17. 'Ορθόδοξη Μαρτυρία' Magazine, 99th edition, 2013. 'Ecclesiastical music and the pastoral work of the Church'.
      18. 'Ο Παράκλητος' Magazine of the charitable group 'Apostle Varnavas', 4th year, January - April 2013, vol. 10. ' The valiant woman '.
    • Speeches

      1. Speech in Saint Barbara village, 2nd February 2000. Topic: 'The musical work of Papastavros Papagathaggelou'.
      2. Speech in Saint Fanourios, Limassol. Topic: '25th of March, Double celebration, Double joy'.
      3. Speech in Spiritual Homes in Platres, 4th of September 2005. Topic: 'Peace in our interpersonal relationships'.
      4. Speech in father Epifanios Efthivoulou camp. Topic: 'Rock Music'.
      5. Christmas as a source of musical inspiration
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