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Conference Presentations

  • Western Music
    • The Meaning of Tempo in the Performance of Works for Piano

      • 1st International Piano Forum, EPTA, Rhodes, 12-14 September 2008, Rhodes - Greece.

        Summary: The notion of tempo constitutes one of the most important elements in music. In this introduction an attempt has been made to approach the various notions relating to time. Is the use of a metronome correct or not and if correct, when? How should rallentando or accelerando be studied or applied and generally speaking, the various alternations in tempo. How does one’s logic or emotions function in relation to time? How are the various notions, associated with tempo, used in colloquial language? These and many others are questions, relating to tempo, which this introduction has tried to provide answers for. In addition, an effort has been made to explore tempo in relation to the performer’s mood and also the intensity with which a piece is performed. This introduction constitutes an extension of the respective chapter "About time" which features in the book which we have published, "From the Right and from the Left – the Piano", Saint Taisia Publications, 1999.
    • An Introduction to the Compositions of Christodoulos Vassiliades

      • 2nd International Piano Forum & Zina Bachauer International Music Festival, September 2009, Rhodes - Greece.

        Summary: I was fairly young, when I started composing my pieces for piano. In 1988-89, when I was twenty-three years old, I composed the first pieces for piano, as well as for violin. "Ten variations for piano, Op. 1" and "Eighteen variations for unaccompanied violin, Op. 4" were my first compositions. Later, when I was twenty five years old (February-October 1990), I composed twelve pieces for piano "Memories, Op. 2". Much later I composed the "Dialogues" for solo piano. Today's lecture is an introduction to my work as a music composer. We shall see how I started composing and the gradual development of my composition, with samples from piano pieces that Mrs. Katy Kastrouni's students will play for us.
    • Piano Sight-Reading

      • 3rd Rhodes International Piano Forum and Rhodes Art International Music Festival, 11-14 September 2010, Rhodes - Greece.

        Summary: Piano sight-reading is one of the most difficult parts in a music exam. What do the students need to do to prepare themselves for the test? How do the teachers prepare their students for the exam? This essay is an attempt to understand the structure of the exam.
    • The Correlation Between Technique and Interpretation in Piano Learning

      • 4th Rhodes International Piano Forum and Rhodes Art International Music Festival, 10-13 September 2011, Rhodes - Greece.

        Summary: The meaning of interpretation as well as the meaning of technique is among the main chapters in piano learning. Sometimes piano teachers give more emphasis to the one rather than the other. This paper aims to show the relationship between these two meanings and demonstrate the importance of both.
    • Piano Experiences in London

      • 5th Rhodes International Piano Forum and Rhodes Art International Music Festival, 22-25 July 2012, Rhodes - Greece.

        Summary: This paper focuses on a number of experiences, which I had acquired during my training by famous pianists in London. The knowledge and skills, which I had acquired, being instructed by those pianists, have been recorded to the book, entitled "from left and right - the piano". Some aspects of those experiences I try to summarize in this paper.
    • About Fingering

      • 6th Rhodes International Piano Forum and Rhodes Art International Music Festival, July 2013, Rhodes - Greece.

        Summary: I believe that in the art of piano, fingering is one of the most important chapters. Without correct fingering you cannot have correct expression, correct interpretation or correct technique. For this reason, in this paper I try to offer some solutions to this great chapter of fingering.