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About Christodoulos Vassiliades

Curriculum Vitae (short)

Christodoulos Vassiliades
    Christodoulos Vassiliades was born in Lefkosia in 1965. He holds a PhD in Theology and he is a doctoral candidate in musicology. He has studied at ARTE Music Academy in Lefkosia as well as at Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv. He has also attended piano lessons at Morley College of London. He has diploma in odiki, piano, byzantine music, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, fugue and traditional violin.

    He has taught religion knowledge and music in higher schools. He has been music examiner in various conservatories, artistic director of "Associations of E.O.K.A. Fighters 1955-59" choir, pianist of Aglantzia municipality choir and, as a violinist, member of string orchestra "Themis Christodoulou". He has been presented in various concerts in Europe, Russia and U.S.A. He was the representative of Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Trinity Guildhall exams for Cyprus and Greece, director of Lyrikon School of Music and of the traditional music school of "LOGOS" radio-television broadcast station and the producer of musical, theological and other programmes in "LOGOS" radio-television station. He has taken part in international congresses as a speaker.

    He has published various books about orthodox theology, the Byzantine and European music, the orthodox illustration, as well as with historic content. He has produced various digital discs in which he is participating as composer, performer and instrumentalist. He has painted hundreds of orthodox icons in Cyprus and foreign parts.

    He is professor at St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo, professor at ARTE Music Academy (tertiary education), byzantine music and higher theory theory at the central Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, representative of Rockschool examinations for Cyprus, director of the Greek Music Examinations C.V. as well as of Saint Taisia Publications, teacher at Kykko monastery byzantine music school, member of the Byzantine chanting choir of Kykko holy monastery and conductor of "Agonistiki Kypros" choir.